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Kentucky Boat Transport and Shipping

Do you want to get your boat down to Kentucky Lake this weekend? How are you going to transport it there? Even if you have a trailer, it's not a good idea to try and transport it if you don't have experience hauling boats.

A1A Boat Transport offers you the solution to your transportation problems. Our premium boat hauling service ensures you get to your boating destination on time. Let us assume the risk of getting your boat to the lake.

Why Should I Use Kentucky Boat Transport and Shipping To Move My Boat?

Why go to the hassle of trying to haul your boat yourself. When you hire A1A Boat Transport, we assume the risk of moving your boat. A1A Boat Transport offers you the following benefits in your service level agreement.

You Get Licensed, Insured Kentucky Boat Transport and Shipping

Our drivers have licenses and permits to operate anywhere in Kentucky, and we can take your boat across state lines. Our trucks are fully insured to carry your boat, protecting it until we reach your destination.

Fast and Efficient Transportation

Our drivers know all the best routes between cities and towns in Kentucky. We'll get your boat to your launch as fast as possible.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

We maintain and service our trucks and tools, ensuring you get safe, reliable transport of your property.

World-Class Safety Standards

Our drivers adhere to international safety standards when loading, offloading, and transporting your watercraft.

Great Industry Reputation

We have one of the best reputations in the logistics industry; just look at what people say about us online.

Low-Cost Rates

Contact us for the most affordable rates in Kentucky. We'll give you a fast and ethical quote.

What Boats Will Kentucky Boat Transport and Shipping Move?

A1A Boat Transport moves anything that floats. We have a team of competent and skilled drivers with plenty of experience in unloading and loading any type of watercraft, including the following.

  • High-performance speed boats.
  • Yachts and sailboats.
  • Catamarans.
  • Fishing and Ski Boats.
  • Center consoles and bass boats.

Contact us for assistance, and we'll get you a quote right away.

Which Towns and Cities Does Kentucky Boat Transport and Shipping Serve?

A1A Boat Transport operates throughout all towns and cities in Kentucky. If you need transport from Kentucky lake or as far east as Cumberland River, we'll get you there. Our team services every corner of Kentucky, from the Ohio River's shores in the west, to Louisville and Cincinnati.

We'll get your boat to any destination in Kentucky, and we also have licenses to take your boat out of state. Contact us for boat transportation from Kentucky to any destination in the United States.

Contact The Team at Kentucky Boat Transport and Shipping for a Competitive Quote!

A1A Boat Transport believes in offering you an ethical quote with no hidden costs. The price we quote, id the price you pay – no exceptions. Contact us to make your booking through our website, or reach out to our call center for assistance. We'll get you a quote to move your boat from anywhere in Kentucky to any destination in America.

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Our Client Testimonials